Filmmakers, Screenwriters and Musicians

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Thank you for considering our festival as a home for your work. As filmmakers, we understand the trials and tribulations you've passionately endured. It's been said that every completed production deserves an Oscar.


We at The NOVA Fest know that show business is a marriage of art and commerce. We will do our very best to provide both sides of the equation for you at our festival, along with the recognition that comes with showcasing your work.


Beyond screening productions and awarding the best, we offer distribution seminars and opportunities to network with actual distributors and industry professionals. Too often the commerce portion of the equation is forgotten in the heat of production, especially for first time filmmakers.


So whether this is your one time passion project or you're hungry for yet another laurel on your 20th film, we hope to provide you with both an introduction to the business component of the industry and a perspective into the current state of distribution, both traditional and the newest technological channels.


The die is cast to make the 8th Annual Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival the best ever!  Hollywood has come to the east coast with the CAPITAL MEDIA MARKET! Buy and sell movies right here at The NOVA Fest!  Thank you for considering our film festival & market. Please submit below.


Early Bird Deadline: 07/19/21


Regular Deadline: 12/06/21


Late Deadline: 01/03/22


Extended Deadline: 02/01/22



*All Deadlines are "Post Marked By" Dates.



Official Selection Notification:

The week of 03/04/22

*Acceptance Letters are emailed to filmmakers and writers on or before

the week of the date above.

The Rules

All Deadlines are "Post Marked By" Dates.


All films & screenplays submitted by 02/01/22 are eligible for acceptance.


Screenplays previously accepted at AOF, since 2012, are automatically accepted into NOVA with submission. Previous NOVA Official Selections (film or script) are ineligible for acceptance.


If 'Nominated', presence at the Awards Ceremony is NOT required to Win.


Presence at the Awards Ceremony IS required to receive your trophy without purchase.


Winners sending representatives to the Award Ceremony may accept the award at the ceremony, but NOT receive award, if they or their work has been nominated for an award.