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"NOVA Film Festival was a huge success. It was its first year but felt like it had been around a while. Fernando A Mico did a phenomenal job of organizing and planning the entire week and the venue was wonderful. The awards were metal and wood and weighed 5lbs each with your name and category won, engraved on them. The staff cared about you and fought to make each filmmaker's experience perfect. If you were accepted into this festival but did not come to it, you missed out big time because, beyond what was already mentioned, the networking was magical and the seminars were too. Thank you to Fernando, Cristina, Matt, and Andrew for running such an amazing event. Thank you to the filmmakers who came out. We need to work together in the future!"


-Matt Sconce, Producer

"Such a great family-like supportive festival full of talent and inspiration!"

-Eric Casaccio, Filmmaker


"The seminars were very informative. I got a lot of great ideas from them."

-Diana Woody, Screenwriter

"What's already a wonderful festival, is made irreplaceable by its incredibly talented, oddball family of a community. The organiser is genuinely invested in each and every one of the films, and the trophies are very impressive. If this was the first year, I can't wait for the 2nd."

-Harrison Norris, Filmmaker



"Attention to art - the quality of the films chosen for screening were top notch. Attention to all artists - NOVA includes screenwriters as important members of the filmmaking community in addition to production artists and actors. Efficient and professional programming - so important when filmmakers make the effort to travel to an event like this. Flawless registration. Easy access to the screenings and other events.
WELOME! This was probably for me THE singular and outstanding characteristic- I felt that we were given a warm and hearty welcome. We met with some incredible talent and driven artists at this event. I will be submitting work to NOVA again!"


-Kylie Garcelon, Screenwriter

"AOFer Fernando A. Mico took up the challenge to not just compete with the Action On Film International Film Festival but to succeed in a fantastic way to create a festival that had his voice and direction and some of the best elements of the AOF that make it so special.


When Fernando approached Del with the concept of a sister festival, Del didn't even hesitate because he says, 'Fernando is a class act from jump. Why would I not help him create another opportunity for the AOFers who have come to depend on AOF as a way to get their way out to the world?'



Six months after their first talk, Fernando put his money where is mouth is and created one of the best festival experiences we've heard about over the last few seasons.


Everyone who attended had nothing but good things to say about his staff, his theaters, locations, parties etc., Good job Fernando and all the best to you and The Northern Virginia International Film Festival!"

-Action On Film Festival

"The Sundance of the East" would best describe this incredible festival expertly managed by Fernando A. Mico and his hard working staff. My son Andrew and I took full advantage to network with fellow producers and directors and found the panel discussions incredibly informative. The showcase of films from around the world could not be beat. One of THE BEST festivals you should attend. 
Andrew & Michael Volpe, Winners, NOVA Jury Award Screenplay, "The Free Agent Fan"

-Michael Volpe, Screenwriter

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