Make Up Master Competition


My Style Authority is producing a makeup artist competition for three days during the Nova Film Festival Movie Screenings.   Two makeup artist will compete each day to create an elaborate makeup look inspired by a pre-selected movie theme. The winning makeup artist will be determined by attendees through a paper ballot during each preliminary event. The three finalist will compete on the final day, day four, and will be selected by industry judges.  



(4/02, 4/11, 4/12, 4/14)





Three Day Competition Themes: (Random Order)


1. Marie Antionette

2. Joker

3. Walking Dead


Finale/Award Ceremony: Theme Pre- Created with Live Models




Official Rules Notes:

1.     One model per competitor.

2.     No assistants will be permitted. The competitor must apply all make-up by him/herself.

3.     Models in the fantasy/charcter competition must be female.

4.     Models must arrive with no make-up on prior to the start of the competition. If models arrive with make-up on, they will

        be required to remove it.

5.     Hair/wigs and wardrobe is  may be done in advance, but hair is worth up to five extra-credit points.

6.     Talking will not be permitted during the competition unless it aids the make-up artist in application of make-up to the


7.     All competitors must supply their own make-up, makeup tools(chairs and light), hair styling tools or wigs, and costume

       (for extra credit)

8.     Nudity is not allowed.

9.     Prosthetic appliances are not allowed. Bald caps are allowed, but they will be treated as wardrobe.

10.    Each competitor must be a professional working makeup artist or current student or recent graduate (within last 12

        months) from a recognized school/program. You will need to provide a letter from school.




1.     Competitors’ make-up will be judged based on the following criteria: Reflection of Theme, Design, Application, Originality,

       Technique, Use of Color and Overall Presentation. Hairstyling is worth up to five extra points.

2.     Everything from the neck up will be judged. This includes hair/wigs that will give competitors an extra 5 points.

3.     Costumes will not be judged.

4.     There will be (1) winner for each of the 3 preliminary themed competition, that will go on as finalist to the award

        ceremony. At the finale only (1) competitor will be awarded My Style Authority"Makeup Master 2018".




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