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We bring the HOLLYWOOD without the HOLLYWOOD!


Our goal is to provide the prestige and appreciation to the filmmakers and

screenwriters who are accepted. Our organizers are filmmakers who have run

the film festival circuit and understand the trials and tribulations required to

complete a production.


From day one we give our filmmakers and writers the full red carpet treatment

at the beautiful Angelika Film Center at Mosaic. We reward the lonely and

tedious work of producers, directors, actors, DPs, editors, composers, actors

and on with an event that matches their passion.


In our first year (2015) we will work in conjunction with our sister festival

The Action On Film International Film Festival in a week long build up of screenings, seminars and social events to conclude

with an elaborate Awards Ceremony that capitalizes on a region starved for events related to the film arts.


The DMV (DC, Maryland, & Virginia) region is primarily known for politics and grid lock. We do have the Kennedy Center and the Smithsonian. But save for a few large scale productions, such as House of Cards and VEEP, and documentaries, the DMV does not generally contribute to the filmmaking culture. Films based in DC or even period pieces based in Virginia are rarely shot here or are used primarily for Broll.


It is our mission to bring a home to the film arts in our area. Our sponsors will be able to market to an untapped community both locally and abroad. 


We work with filmmakers independent of budget, origin, style or genre. From car chases to first kisses, to war documentaries, to spaceships, to slipping on a banana peel, it is our objective to celebrate and launch the careers of both veteran and budding ilmmakers. This event is for them. This event is for you!

NOVA Film Fest!

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