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Sunday (4/11)

(8PM, EST)

Names On The Wall.jpg
Names On The Wall

Two soldiers fighting on opposite sides of the Vietnam War find themselves faced with a choice, somewhere between where humanity ends and war begins.
Directed and Stunt Choreographed/2nd Unit Directed by two women, this film considers how we react to different circumstances depending on an array of different elements - for this story, set in front of the backdrop of one of the most controversial wars in American history.
It was a war of governments, but this is a story of soldiers.
Original music, tense action, witty dialogue and beautiful visual story telling down to nuanced details between the men who, by the end of the film, are more than names on the wall.


Drama • Period • Action


USA / Vietnam

*This will be the final festival screening. Many cast & crew will be attending the following Q&A, including Director Koura Linda.


Monday (4/12)

(12:00-2:00PM EST)

• one screening pass is for the entire screening day & evening

Guardians of the Forest.jpg
Guardians of the Forest

The Maijuna are one of the smallest and most endangered indigenous groups in the Peruvian Amazon. This film tells their inspiring story as they fight for their biologically rich ancestral lands and cultural survival.



Peru • USA

Monday (4/12)

(2:30-4:30PM, EST)

• one screening pass is for the entire screening day & evening

A Band to Honor.jpg
A Band To Honor

A Band to Honor explores the never-before-told story of the USS Arizona Band, a group of 21 Navy Musicians who trained together, lived together, performed together, and died together on December 7, 1941.




Las Vegas

Monday (4/12) - NOVA Night

(5:00-7:00PM, EST)

• titles in alphabetical order. not in screening order

• one screening pass is for the entire screening day & evening


A young woman in a seaside town receives a bizarre message in the middle of the night and goes searching for answers.




Buzz Kill
Buzz Kill.jpg

There are over 4,000 species of native bees in North America, many of which are in decline due to factors such as urbanization and habitat destruction. Their plight is overshadowed by the invasive but agriculturally significant honeybees. “Save the Bee” campaigns have grown in popularity, but they focus on domesticated honeybees, while the native bees, so critical to our ecosystems are lacking conservation attention. This film explores the tension between efforts to save native bees and their habitat and our dependence on the invasive honeybees.





Heroes' Honeymoon

In October 1938, Burt Kempner’s parents set off on a bus headed for Niagara Falls for their honeymoon. It was the same night that Orson Welles made his infamous War of the Worlds broadcast, throwing America into a panic. It’s hard enough to embark on a new marriage – but when the world is ending, too? HEROES’ HONEYMOON is a love story and a comic fable!


Comedy • Period


Kendall Street Company - "Go On"

Music Video


The Shot.jpg
The Shot

PenFed Credit Union’s Digital Team is making a difference by raising awareness of the stellate ganglion block or SGB. This 15-minute procedure is a game-changer, the difference between life and death for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

TV/Web Series


The Legacy Sessions.png
The Legacy Sessions

A troubled high school student forms an unlikely friendship with a woman in a retirement community.

Short Film


Monday (4/12) - NOVA Night

(7:30-9:30PM, EST)

• titles in alphabetical order. not in screening order

• one screening pass is for the entire screening day & evening

As We Are.jpg
As We Are

When Evan Bertrand was diagnosed with autism at eighteen months, doctors told his mother, Andrea, to go home and mourn the loss of a “normal child.” Instead, she and her son went on to discover his gift for music together. Twenty years later, Evan and Andrea are putting on the biggest concert of his life, just as they are.




Birds Eye.jpg
Bird's Eye

When the perfect life of a pet parrot is suddenly interrupted, it has to navigate a new world when it can’t understand the humans around it.

Family / Adventure



Forever Red.jpeg
Forever Red

Two American ex-spies have left their experiences during the cold war behind them. However, the fragile normality in life that they manage to establish is broken when one of the ex-spies seeks out the other more than 40 years later. Upon reuniting, old feelings resurface and a dark secret from their past is brought to light.

Drama / Thriller




A jaded alcoholic has his world view challenged by an unexpected act.




Leave A Message.jpeg
Leave A Message

Herb suddenly dies, and his family learns about a secret romance with a mysterious woman. The family tries to protect his poor widow, a woman of advanced age who suffered a stroke, but their efforts fail spectacularly. With some surprising revelations and hopefully a few laughs, the film reflects on victimhood, helplessness, personal agency, and the importance of acceptance and love.

Drama • Comedy • LGBT



Revenge of the Electric Car.jpg
Revenge of the Electric Cart

A young girl whose mom has rheumatoid arthritis uses humor to overcome discrimination at the grocery store.

Drama • Family



The Dig.jpeg
The Dig

The Dig is the story of Aisha’s courageous journey of quest for peace within herself. This is a single character story that is told through the journey the protagonist takes as she makes various stop to reminisce about her past of beautiful life and an ugly truth. Her story and her dilemma is revealed through the visits she makes, as she digs through her past, both physically and metaphorically. What price is she willing to pay to find peace..





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