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(Friday Screenings are from 12-9:30PM, EST)

Friday  (4/16)

(12:00-2:00PM EST)

Behind the Name SHAKESPEARE: Power, Lust, Scorn & Scandal
Behind the Name Shakespeare.jpg

WHO CREATED THE GREATEST WORK OF IAMBIC THUNDER IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE? “Behind the Name SHAKESPEARE: Power, Lust, Scorn & Scandal” answers that question in this fun yet important film. It is a costume-filled journey into literary history’s greatest mystery: Who really wrote the works of Shakespeare?

This charming documentary is clearly a labor of love, which one can feel in every scene. The world needs it and bravo to Christina di Marlo for doing it!" -- Don Rubin, Professor Emeritus, York University Editor, World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre.




Friday  (4/16)

(2:30-4:30PM EST)

• titles in alphabetical order. not in screening order

• one screening pass is for the entire screening day & evening

A Small Punch in a Little Town
A Small Punch.jpeg

After a young man king hits an outsider visiting town, it triggers off a spiral of events, twists, and turns, and eventually reveals dark secrets within a small community. With the local cop looking for him, Dan is land locked by the only road in and out of town. Escaping this community and leaving his past behind, will be harder than he had envisioned.




Marny’s Gift
Marnys Gift.jpg

Raised in the segregated South by a working-class family, Marny is a young girl with a special gift. Her brother is off fighting in World War 2, while her mother doesn’t understand her special abilities. Marny and her older sister Fern find comfort in the home of their mother’s employer Mrs. Beulah, who has developed a genuine affection for them. Marny is soon challenged to use her gift to discover a dark secret that could change the course of their lives forever.


Drama • Period



On a perfect Santa Barbara day the illustrious Amanda Cara sets her trophy husband about the task of getting her an "indoor tree" but he gets bombarded by his friend shaming him, her hot brother bullying him, a romantic threat to his marriage, his bank account drawing empty, and worst of all burnt cookies. He's gotta suck it up and accomplish his trendy task despite his entire lifestyle being thrown into jeopardy.


Comedy • Romance


Friday  (4/16)

(5:00-7:30PM EST)

• titles in alphabetical order. not in screening order

• one screening pass is for the entire screening day & evening

*** NO Q&A for this block.

The Stars My Destination
Stars My Destination.jpg

A retired Russian-Japanese soldier Eiji Onodera (Keishi Suenaga) was going to his hometown in Japan. But on his way, he was caught and given a new mission by his ex-colleague Captain Vadim Dadikov (Gohnosuke Tokuda). Onodera and his father would never be free unless he completes the secret mission. He and the Master Sergeant Zinaida Zasyekina (Satoko Enmei) go to Hokkaido to monitor an ex-officer of Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, Toshio Honda (Taiyo Sawa). Honda has killed 27 people including his colleagues, and is hiding in a mountain with a mysterious beauty, Risa (Riho Yoshioka)…


Sci Fi • Action • Drama


Yuki vs Panda.jpg
Yuki vs. Panda

Official Trailer for Yuki vs. Panda.


Animation • Action • Trailer


Friday  (4/16)

(7:30-9:30PM EST)

• titles in alphabetical order. not in screening order

• one screening pass is for the entire screening day & evening

Affected: The Story of US

Affected tells the story of a small business owner that lost over 90% of his revenue in a matter of months after Covid-19 hit America. Frustrated and broke, he decided to embark on a journey to document the lives of all the others that have been impacted by Covid.

Throughout his journey, we explore the immeasurable gaps in society, race, education and medicine that have been exponentially magnified. On top of that, a new divide is on the rise between those that think Covid is a mere hoax that’s killing business, jobs and our economy, and those that think this is one of the biggest pandemics that human beings have ever witnessed
Will these differences cause us to grow further apart or will we finally come closer together in the face of a new adversary?





“Love” portraits a mid life crisis of Geri, a 40 year old man recently separated from his wife who goes back to his country in search of a change and in search of himself … or that is what he thinks… we will never know because he doesn’t know himself. We follow Geri in his quest, and we witness how his insecurity and lack of courage in taking the necessary steps toward changing his life, bring him back to the starting point.


Drama • Romance

Albania • Spain 

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